A life-changing year for exceptional students

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Donate now to help us expand and enhance the Churchill Scholarship

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What recent Scholars say:

“I thought the foundation did a very good job. From logistics and reimbursements to getting us in touch with each-other, it was very smooth and non-bureaucratic. It was much easier and more personable than expected especially given my experience with previous scholarships. That made a huge difference, especially in this weird year of covid.”

“From a research standpoint, I gained invaluable skills in cutting-edge techniques that will be applicable to any lab that I go to during my MD/PhD. From a social standpoint, I met lots of people both personally and professionally during my time in Cambridge, including a few that I consider to be among my closest friends. My lab has also taught me the importance of not only seeking scientific success, but also of maintaining a healthy work balance and fruitful interactions with my peers.”

“Looking back on this year, I will see it as a very formative time in my life, and one of my happiest years yet. I found the Churchill experience so fulfilling because it was the time when I felt that I became an independent researcher and individual. From a technical standpoint, there was an immense amount of freedom to explore the areas that fascinate me as well as to collaborate with scientists at all stages in their careers. I felt that I was a valued colleague among the post-docs in our group, which as a master’s student, I wouldn’t have expected.”