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A life-changing year of independent research

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What recent Scholars say:

“Thrown into a fairly new environment, I am extremely proud to have been able to adapt and essentially produce publication quality results in just the 10 months that I’ve been here. Along the way, I’ve not only learned a lot more about physics, but also gained invaluable lessons on how to be an even better physicist.”

“During undergrad, I felt pressured to pursue the most solvable questions in order to have something to show application committees. With the freedom of the Churchill Scholarship, I was allowed to take it slow and pursue the questions that seemed most meaningful, rather than most immediately useful. Past scholars told me that their year in Cambridge helped develop their ‘taste’ for research, and I understand that now. I am now much more aware of what sort of research environment I thrive in, and how to go about obtaining novel results.”

“This year has been a year of fast-paced personal and scientific growth that I will remember for the rest of my life.”