A life-changing year for exceptional students

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Our investment reserves only enable us to fund around 10 Scholarships, so to maintain the program at this level we must raise around one-third of our operating expenses each year. Your gift enables us to increase the number of Churchill Scholars to 15 and to fund program enhancements such as a $2,000 Special Research Grant for each Churchill Scholar, two days of science policy seminars for the cohort, a behind-the-scenes visit to the Churchill Museum, and other events that help make the Churchill Scholarship one of the most memorable years in a student's life.

Here's what members of the 2016-17 cohort said of their experiences:

"In addition to becoming a better researcher and meeting amazing new people, my stress levels are so much lower than they were in undergrad… I'm really hoping I can transfer this happier work-life balance to my PhD life next year."

"It often seems like just I when I think I've adjusted to life at Cambridge, I see or do something that once again makes me suddenly giddy that I get to study here."

"I have never truly experienced life outside my home state… But now I can assure those in my position that the intimidation of dining with some of the brightest minds of this generation, the uncertainty of adapting to the independent demands of Cambridge, and the pressure to absorb a wide range of cultures will all turn into feelings of unbridled enthusiasm for discovery…I came into this year not knowing what to expect and I have already been blown away with my experiences."

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